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  • Date 2023-09-18
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About	CAMS
Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences CAMS is a research unit under the China Meteorological Administration CMA. It is a public interest national research institute based on meteorological operations. CAMS focuses on applied basic and applied researches, and also basic researches and technology development. While working on the international frontiers of atmospheric sciences to enhance China's meteorological innovation capability and visibility, CAMS also pays due attention to the core scientific and technological issues that have to be addressed in the development of modern meteorological operations. It has the mandates to conduct comprehensive and forward-looking researches to meet a range of national endeavors, including meteorological disaster prevention/mitigation, climate change and ecological civilization, while working on the key research missions defined by the China Meteorological Administration.

In terms of future development, the Chinese Academy of meteorological Sciences CAMS will focus on meteorological modernization and cutting-edge atmospheric science to meet the national needs in meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation, and ecological civilization, as well as climate change response. In accordance with the overall requirements of “being a source of findings, talents and ideas”,CAMS will make great efforts to address the major scientific and technological issues in meteorological operation and services and carry out comprehensive, forward-looking, and strategic research on the cutting-edge science by giving full play to the supporting and leading role of science and technology in meteorological operation. We will further strengthen the research on the areas in which our strength lies, gradually carry out key experiment and research programs, establish basic platform for science and technology and continue to implement the human-capacity based strength strategy with an ultimate purpose of striving to bring CAMS into a domestically first-rate and internationally visible base in atmospheric science and research and a training base for high-level talents.