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  • Date 2023-09-21
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> Paper by the ICS S2S team won the JMSJ Award in 2019

Recently, the Record-Breaking Northward Shift of the Western North Pacific Subtropical High in July 2018, authored by Associate Research Professor Liu Boqi, Research Professor Zhu Congwen and others of the subseasonal-to-seasonal S2S research team from the Institute of Climate System ICS and published in the Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan JMSJ, was rated by the Japanese Meteorological Society JMS as an outstanding paper with the JMSJ Award in 2019. By analyzing the cause of extreme heat across Northeast Asia in July 2018, the paper revealed the physical mechanism of recording-breaking northward shift of the Western North Pacific Subtropical High caused by a tripole pattern of sea surface temperature anomaly SSTA in the North Atlantic in the year. The reviewers believed that the paper is the first scientific report on the cause of the extreme heat events in East Asia in July 2018, with its conclusions being innovative and socially impactful.

Founded by JMS in 1882, JMSJ is one of internationally renowned journals. The JMSJ Award, which was introduced in 2010, is aimed to reward papers with scientific value or unique insights published in the Journal each year generally 3-5 ones.

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