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  • Date 2023-09-18
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The Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences (CAMS) under the China Meteorological Administration (CMA) is the largest research institution with the most diverse disciplines in the field of atmospheric science in China. Its main research interests include severe weather, climate and climate change, atmospheric composition and environmental meteorology, ecological and agricultural meteorology, and plateau and polar meteorology, and weather modification. In recent years, it has looked into the application of AI to meteorology.

CAMS operates one state key laboratory, a number of CMA key laboratories, and field observation sites. In addition, with the support of CMA and the local government, it hosts the Nanjing Joint Institute for Atmospheric Sciences NJIAS, CMA Weather Modification Center WMC, and also the Secretariat of Chinese Meteorological Society CMS.

CAMS boasts a research team of all age groups dominated by young meteorologists that is focused on the Chinese meteorological modernization program and the national and international cutting-edge atmospheric science. Among them, four are academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences CAS or the Chinese Academy of Engineering CAE, 89 are senior professionals, 199 hold PhD degrees, three have been ed into the National Ten Thousand Talent Program and 12 are recipients of State Council Special Allowance. Moreover, many of its scientists have been ed into high-level scientific and technological and talent-pooling initiatives such as the National Science Funds for Distinguished Young Scholars and for Excellent Young Scholars, National Hundred, Thousand and Ten Thousand Talent Project, and CMA Scientific and Technological Champion Program.

We will provide young scientists with good conditions and options for scientific research and personal growth and development at the same time.

Degree required
Research interests
Climate and Climate Change

Atmospheric science

Subseasonal-to-seasonal variation and prediction theory multi-scale model dynamic framework and coupling system global and regional climate change, etc..
Severe weather research
Severe weather research atmospheric sounding research lightning warning scientific experiment with weather system numerical models, etc..
Research on AI application technology for meteorology
Development of data sharing platform for meteorological research development of technologies for meteorological data mining, visualized meteorological data analysis, and meteorological data application, etc..
Atmospheric composition research
Interaction between atmospheric composition, weather and climate change fastidious environmental meteorological monitoring and foreting observation of atmospheric composition and its variation and impact, etc..
Ecological and agrometeorological research
Ecological and agrometeorological theory and applied technology adaptation and response of ecosystem and agriculture to climate change agrometeorological disaster monitoring, prediction and risk assessment, etc..
Research on Tibetan Plateau and Polar Meteorology
Tibetan plateau and polar observation technology and scientific experiment data integration and processing technology for Tibetan Plateau and Polar earth system multi-spheric interaction processes and simulation over Tibetan Plateau and Poles Tibetan Plateau and Polar weather, climate dynamic theory, etc..
Weather Modification research
Weather modification research and operations
Atmospheric science, business administration
MS or above
Relevant work in functional management

II. Qualifications
1.The applicants shall have obtained the corresponding degree as specified in the above Table from outside the mainland China. At the time of reporting for duty, they must carry with them the foreign education certificate issued by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange CSCSE and the Certificate for a returned overseas student issued by the Education Office of the Chinese Embassy Consulate General

2. The applicants shall have studied abroad for more than one year as dated for exit-entry on the passport, with the overseas stay exceeding 360 days for the studying purpose
3. The applicants shall be those who begin to study abroad directly after graduating from a Chinese school of any level, do not ever go through the employment registration procedures or terminate the labor relationship with the original employer before going abroad, and return to China for employment with the overseas study completed
4. The applicants shall submit their application materials within 18 months after returning to China with the intended study completed
5The applicants shall comply with other terms and conditions stipulated by CSCSE concerning the employment of overseas returnees in Beijing.

III. How to apply
1. Please send a zip file of your CV, CAMS 2020 Registration Form for Overseas Talents as attached, and the certification materials including the awards, papers published and other scientific research outcomes, to renshi_cams@163.com, with both the email subject and attachment filename given in the following format: name-education degree-university name-position applied.
2.Please deliver your CV no later than 1 May 2020.
3. We can be contacted by tel: 010-68406326 or 010-58994441

Download: Addpendix: CAMS 2020 registration form for overseas talents.doc